Implementing Education - Project Team Updates

11 Sep 2012

All of our project teams are in the process of putting finalizing touches on their educational interventions or currently conducting training with their associated research groups. If you have been monitoring our social media feeds over the past few weeks, you have seen that each team is doing something a bit different. A summary of each team’s status is provided below:

Purdue University: One team at Purdue is working with a service learning program to teach students skills and best practices in documenting software code. A separate team will be beginning their educational intervention this month, with the first focus being a file checklist.

University of Minnesota: The University of Minnesota project team is currently developing a 7 module online course which, upon completion, will result in a student data management plan. (Update: The online course is available at

University of Oregon: The University of Oregon team is developing data management training sessions for graduate students to be implemented this semester during research group meetings.

Cornell University: Cornell University is in the process of developing a special topics course on data management for students which will begin on October 11. Team members are working on the content for the course in preparation for its start date.

As always, the most up-to-date information can be found on our social media feeds, including Facebook and Twitter. As project outputs continue to be released, they will be posted on the Materials page.