Listed below are projects and websites connected/related to the data information literacy project, along with a brief description of each page's content.


Institute of Museum and Library Services - The official website of the IMLS, which includes information on current grants, state programs, and more.

e-Science Community - A bulletin board of news, upcoming events, and more for those interested in the continued development of the e-science community.

Digital Preservation Outreach & Education - The Library of Congress's digital preservation program dedicated to foster national outreach and education to encourage individuals and organizations to actively preserve their digital content, building on a collaborative network of instructors, contributors, and institutional partners.


Data Curation Profiles - The official website of the Data Curation Profiles project, a research endeavor initiated by the Purdue University Libraries and the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. The page includes a downloadable version of the DCP Toolkit, a resource which enables librarians and faculty members to work together to collaboratively create data management plans for research projects.

MANTRA - Research data management course at the University of Edinburgh designed for graduate students to learn the skill sets necessary to develop a research project using digital data.

DaMSSI - JISC funded research project attempting to assess current postgraduate courses to determine their effectiveness in teaching data management techniques. The project also showcases the large (and growing) number of professions in which data management skills are of vital importance.

DataTrain - JISC funded research project aiming to develop disciplinary focused data management training modules for post-graduate courses in Archaeology and Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge.

Teaching Research Data Management: UMass Med / WPI - Web resource for the University of Massachusetts Medical School and Worcester Polytechnic Institute's collaboration on their project aimed at developing an instructional framework and delivery system for openly accessible, online instructional modules on preserving, managing, and sharing digital data.